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At Target Solar, we’re at the forefront of solar solutions in Australia. Our mission is to empower homes and businesses with unparalleled solar energy, catalyzing a shift towards a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow.Β 
In an era of escalating energy prices, our seasoned team is dedicated to alleviating the burden of soaring electricity bills for countless families and enterprises. We pride ourselves on providing green energy alternatives that don’t compromise on quality.Β 
With a solid presence spanning diverse solar projects across the nation, our commitment remains unwavering: Delivering top-tier solar services every single time.
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Your Journey to the Right Solar Solution

Contact Us: Share your details and requirements or talk directly to our expert.
Understanding Your Needs: Provide us your energy consumption data and bills.
System Recommendation: We suggest the best system combination.
Quotation: Get a tailored quote for your energy needs.
Make the Right Decision: We guide you to the best solar solution.
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Our Comprehensive Suite of Services

Our Solar Services

Residential Solar

Switching to solar isn’t just an environmental commitment; it’s a pledge to a healthier, cost-effective future. Protect your household from escalating electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and champion a transition to green, renewable energy. This isn’t just energy – it’s a wise investment for both your wallet and the world.

At Target Solar, our seasoned experts understand the unique energy demands of every home. We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke solar solutions tailored to both your energy needs and budget, ensuring that every Australian household can affordably tap into the myriad benefits of solar energy.

Commercial Solar

Embracing commercial solar is more than a mere business decision; it’s a strategic move towards a resilient, cost-efficient operation. Protect your enterprise from volatile energy costs, diminish your carbon footprint, and lead the way in sustainable business practices. This isn’t just about power – it’s about leveraging a strategic asset for profitability and reputation.

At Target Solar, we deeply understand the intricate energy requirements of commercial entities. Our dedicated professionals craft tailored solar strategies, ensuring that each business, be it a school, factory, or warehouse, harnesses optimal solar power.Β Partner with us to seamlessly integrate solar energy.

Off-Grid Solar

Dive into the realm of self-sufficiency by embracing off-grid solar solutions. Power your spaces with a self-reliant solar system that stands independent of any utility grid. Relish the freedom of continuous energy, especially if you’re located in remote regions where conventional grid electricity remains elusive.

At Target Solar, we are committed to bridging energy divides, even in the most remote locales. We aim to liberate households from burdensome electricity costs, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for all. Partner with us to seamlessly integrate solar energy, solidifying your future in a greener, more prosperous landscape.

Battery Storage System

Now you can store your unused energy in the battery storage system and can utilize it when there is low sunshine. At target solar, we help our clients to enjoy solar power even at night by adding a battery to the solar power.

Home Automation Hub

Enhance your lifestyle with trendier home automation devices! At target solar, we help our clients switch to solar-powered smart homes. These home solutions not only help you to stay connected but also boost the residential’s energy efficiency.

Solar Farm

Solar farms are a lucrative business investment that offers more profit to the landowner increasing the value of your land and decreasing its over-heads. It’s designed for heavy energy usage and offers better utility rates.

Transform Your Business Energy β€” Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Welcome to the future of commercial solar energy. Right here, right now, in Australia, your gateway to an ecologically friendly and financially smart energy future is just a click away. Whether you’re in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, or Victoria, we have the ultimate commercial solar solutions to meet your unique needs.

Our Motto

At Target Solar, we understand the weight of rising electricity costs on your shoulders. That’s why we’re deeply committed to lightening the load. Our goal is empowering every home in Australia to harness the sun’s clean energy without breaking the bank. With top-tier solar solutions, we’re not just championing a sustainable future but ensuring it’s an affordable. Through cutting-edge technology and a push towards a greener tomorrow, we pledge to stand by your side. Choose Target Solar, and together, let’s illuminate a brighter, eco-friendly path for all.

From Idea To Realization

Why Target Solar?

In-House Engineers and Technicians

Our in-house team of experienced engineers and technicians work together seamlessly to deliver the best quality products and services to the clients.

Accredited and Skilled Installers

Our mission is to provide Aussie homes and businesses with clean, renewable energy. We exclusively use CEC certified installers to guarantee safe, top-quality installations.

Engineering Focused Solutions

With decades of experience, we provide in-depth consultations, expert installations, and tailored energy solutions that align with our clients’ needs and consumption patterns.

Quality Focus

We prioritize top-quality, using only Tier-1 panels, premium inverters, and certified electrical accessories to deliver excellence in

every project.

Single Point-of- Contact

At Target Solar, we streamline your experience. Instead of multiple contacts, you’ll have one dedicated liaison throughout and post-installation, ensuring consistent communication and enhanced satisfaction. This commitment to continuity simplifies the process and reaffirms our dedication to your solar journey.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Discover the savings potential with Target Solar! We prioritize transparency, ensuring you understand the value of your solar investment. Our dedicated team provides continuous updates throughout the installation and stands by for support. Experience the Target Solar difference today!

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