Step by Step Guide to Buy the Best Solar Power System in Australia

With several approved solar panels and inverters on the market in Australia, purchasing a solar system for your home might be a difficult task. We at Target Solar believe in helping you through this difficult phase by matching your energy requirements with the best solutions within your financial capabilities. Moreover, you can also use the following tips when purchasing your system:

  1. Get Solar Quotes

Before making a purchase, it is sensible to get at least 3 solar quotes as you will notice a fluctuation in quotes provided by different solar companies. It is recommended that price should not be the only factor before making a purchase decision as low-priced solar panels and inverters do not live up to the expectations and end up costing you more in the longer run.

  • Use Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited Organization/Installer

The Clean Energy Council is the peak body for the clean energy industry in Australia. CEC accredited organization/installer not only delivers quality services to you but also makes sure that you’re treated fairly throughout the installation process. Target Solar, being a CEC member, promised to treat you fairly and will provide quality services even after installation.

  • Be Informed About Government Rebates

Government rebates allow you to have solar on your rooftop at a discounted price as the Government is encouraging homeowners to consume more energy generated from renewable sources. However, these rebates change on daily basis, and being informed about these changes will help you better in negotiating the price for your solar power system.

  • Solar Inverters are Equally Important as Solar Panels

There is a general misconception that solar panels are the only important components of your system. People spend a good amount of their budget on premium solar panels but when it comes to inverters, they opt for a cheaper option which affects the overall efficiency of a solar system. While solar panels generate electricity from heat, it is the inverter that converts this electricity from DC to AC which is then used by your appliances.

With several approved solar panels and inverters in the market in Australia, purchasing a solar system might be a difficult task. Many solar companies sell products that are not certified by CEC to make extra money for their clients. Target Solar only deals with certified tier-1 panels and premium inverters, so you can efficiently reduce your energy bills.