Super Easy Ways to Create Energy Efficient Homes

With increasing electricity prices, people in this day and age are constantly looking for ways to make their home energy-efficient. Being energy efficient is not just good for the environment but it will help you save money in the longer run. Energy efficiency is not just for certain people, it is something that everyone can take part in and the good news is there is more than one way to make your home energy efficient. Here are a few things which you can try:

1. Use CFL or LED Light Bulbs

Old fashioned light bulbs consume a greater amount of electricity units to function which ultimately results in greater energy bills. CFL and LED light bulbs may cost you more a bit upfront however, they can last 12 times more than a regular light bulb while consuming less electricity helping you save money in the longer run. For starters. you can even a combination of old-fashioned light bulbs and CFL or LED lightbulbs at your home and you will see a dramatic difference in your energy bill.

Unplug Your Devices After Use

Leaving your appliances on standby after using them is one of the biggest factors behind your high energy bills. It is highly recommended that you do not leave your appliances e.g. your TV on standby after using it. Moreover, overcharging your devices also increases your energy bill while also damaging the battery of your devices.

Install Solar Panels (hyperlink to solar for home)

Installing solar panels on your rooftop is a great way to reduce your energy bills and rely less on your energy retailer in this modern age. Target Solar provides a highly efficient solar power system within your financial range that will not only help you reduce your energy bill but will also allow you to sell surplus energy back to your power grid.

  • Conduct an Energy Audit (hyperlink to energy audit page)

Target Solar can conduct an energy audit to highlight inefficiencies and wasted energy at your home. Our certified and trained energy consultant will inspect in and around your home to pinpoint savings opportunities and identify areas that need improvements.

  • Get B.One Smart Hub (hyperlink to home automation hub page on website)

Target Solar in collaboration with B1 Hub brings you a home automation solution that enables you to control your home appliances with the snap of your fingers and is designed to improve the energy efficiency of your home.