Are you considering going solar but feeling overwhelmed by the options? Choosing the right solar system size for your home is essential for maximizing savings and efficiency. In this guide, we’ll explore the various solar system sizes and help you find the perfect fit based on your energy consumption.

Understanding Your Energy Consumption

Your energy consumption plays a crucial role in determining the right solar system size for your home. Here’s a simple guide to match your monthly energy consumption with the recommended solar system size:

Current Monthly Energy Consumption (kWh)Recommended Solar System Size (kW)
1801+Contact us for a custom solution

A Deeper Look at Solar System Sizes

3kW to 5kW Systems: Ideal for small households with modest energy needs. They are perfect for those looking to save on energy bills without making a significant investment.

7kW to 9kW Systems: Suitable for medium-sized households with average energy consumption. These systems offer a balance between performance and cost-effectiveness.

11kW to 13kW Systems: For larger households or those with high energy consumption, including electric vehicle owners, these systems provide substantial energy savings.

Custom Solutions: If your energy needs fall outside the typical range, we can create a custom solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Different commercial solar system sizes

Different commercial solar system sizes, tailored to the energy consumption levels commonly found in businesses. This can help businesses make an informed decision about the appropriate solar system size for their particular needs.

Current Monthly Energy Consumption (kWh)Recommended Solar System Size (kW)Suitable for
1,800 – 3,60010kWSmall Offices, Retail Stores
3,601 – 7,20025kWMedium Offices, Small Factories
7,201 – 14,40050kWLarge Offices, Warehouses
14,401 – 21,60075kWLarge Factories, Educational Institutions
21,601 – 36,000100kWShopping Malls, Hospitals
36,001 – 72,000150kWLarge Industrial Facilities
72,001+Contact us for a custom solutionIndustrial Complexes, Large-scale Energy Consumers
commercial solar system sizes,

This table provides a comprehensive overview for various commercial settings and can serve as a starting point in the decision-making process. Businesses should consult with a solar energy expert to fine-tune their choice based on specific factors like location, building orientation, local regulations, and unique energy consumption patterns.

How to Determine Your Energy Consumption

Your monthly energy bill should include your energy consumption in kWh. If you’re uncertain, contact your energy provider or consult with our solar experts to analyze your energy usage.

Solar Systems with Battery Storage

Integrating battery storage allows you to store excess energy generated by your solar panels. This can further increase your savings, especially if you have fluctuating energy needs or want to have backup power during grid outages.

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Choosing the right solar system size is essential for reaping the maximum benefits of solar energy. By understanding your monthly energy consumption and considering your budget, you can select the optimal system size for your home.

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