The Sunshine State has always been an emblem of Australia’s potential to harness the energy of our nearest star. As Target Solar accelerates its mission to revolutionize how the nation taps into renewable energy, it is our immense pleasure to present our newest branch in Darra, Queensland.

📍 Office Location:
14/31 Acanthus Street, Darra, QLD 4076

Darra: Queensland’s Gateway to Solar Innovation
Darra, with its unique blend of residential charm and industrious spirit, is the epitome of Queensland’s progressive energy stance. Establishing our presence here symbolizes our pledge to contribute intensively to the state’s solar aspirations.

What Target Solar Offers Queenslanders:
Harnessing the sun’s potential requires mastery and innovation. Here’s a sneak peek into our suite of solar solutions:

  • Residential Solar Solutions: Efficient, modern, and designed for Queensland homes.
  • Commercial Solar Installations: Tailored for businesses of all sizes, ensuring the best returns on your solar investment.
  • Solar Farm Constructions: Amplify your solar contribution with expansive solar farm projects.
  • Off-Grid Solar Systems: Powering remote locales where traditional energy sources might not reach.
Harness the Power of the Sun

Our Dedication to Queensland
Our journey in the solar arena has been marked by numerous successful integrations of commercial and residential solar systems throughout Australia. With credentials as an Approved Energy Retailer and esteemed membership with the Clean Energy Council, our dedication remains undeterred. We aim for a future where each Queenslander enjoys access to affordable electricity, coupled with sterling customer service, all while preserving our planet for future kin.

Queensland, Let’s Shine Together!
With the sun shining bright over the Queensland skies, it’s time to tap into its abundant energy. Together, we can make Queensland a beacon of sustainable energy.

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🌐 Dive Deeper into the Solar Realm with Target Solar
Keen to delve further into our solar innovations or curious about the future of solar in Queensland? Explore Target Solar.

Ready to be part of Queensland’s solar journey? Reach out to us for a comprehensive consultation or give us a call directly at 1300 776 527. Together, we will illuminate Queensland, one panel at a time!