Energy Audits

Energy Audit: Brief Analysis of the efficient power consumption

We at Target Solar strive for designing and providing energy efficiency solutions for businesses. We identify opportunities to reduce energy costs, allowing the sustainable use of energy resources. Energy audits are often required for incentive schemes and government funding. We conduct energy efficiency audits of all levels, compliant with the approved Australian Standards in 3 stages.

Step 1

Study of Energy Utilization

The primary step of energy efficiency audit requires a detailed analysis of every aspect of the energy consumed by the customer. This stage audit is the desktop study, dependent on the data provided by a client. This audit offers a fundamental overview of energy consumption on the site as well as includes common recommendations for improving solar energy usage.

Step 2

Encapsulation of Energy Utilization Procedures

The second step of the energy efficiency audit discloses a comprehensive summary of the customer’s energy usage techniques and procedures. It considers all the tabular and graphical interpretations about the customer’s resource power and a report of suggestive measures. These enhancements must be employed to uplift the standards of energy usage.

Step 3

Financial Reporting for investment planning

In this final stage, all the financial data is recorded and monitored, and any variation observed is immediately sent for improvement to the customer. This audit interpretation forms the building blocks for any investment funding by the government authorities.

How significant an energy audit for your business?


Ever thought about the energy efficiency of your house? Now it’s time to switch to solar energy. The solar power energy audit will not only detect your house’s energy inefficiencies, but also provides you with suggestions for fixing them.

The energy audit is a stand-alone system that helps prevent oversizing of the solar power system and safeguards your electrical appliances from any inappropriate power surge or damages, thus saving your money. It helps you to understand the energy demand of the client.



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