Harnessing the energy of the sun is not only about tapping into an endless source of power for our homes and businesses. In the rapidly expanding world of solar technology, it’s also about harnessing the power of human connection through referrals, turning word-of-mouth into a profitable venture. With the reputable backing of Target Solar, let’s delve into how you can merge these two powerful forces to benefit both the planet and your pocket.

How to Earn with Target Solar

1 Join the Referral Program.
2 Refer Friends & Family.
3 Friends & Family Install Solar Panels.
4 Earn Your Reward!

1. The Immense Potential of Solar Energy

Solar energy is more than just a green buzzword. It’s a tangible solution that:

  • Combats Climate Change: Solar energy helps reduce harmful emissions that contribute to global warming.
  • Reduces Electricity Bills: With solar panels, homes and businesses can generate their own electricity, drastically reducing monthly utility bills.
  • Increases Property Value: Homes with solar installations are often valued higher and sell faster than those without.

2. The Impact of Referrals in the Solar Industry

In any industry, trust is paramount. For many potential solar customers, a recommendation from a trusted friend or family member can mean the difference between skepticism and making an informed choice. Here’s why:

  • Trust Factor: Word-of-mouth remains one of the most trusted forms of marketing. If someone they know has had a positive experience with solar installation, potential customers are more likely to consider it.
  • Shared Experiences: Hearing real-life stories of reduced electricity bills or efficient installations can be persuasive.

3. Leveraging Target Solar’s Referral Program

Target Solar’s Referral Program isn’t just about incentivizing word-of-mouth promotions. It’s about:

  • Promoting a Sustainable Future: By referring others, you’re playing a part in creating a cleaner planet.
  • Earning Along the Way: With each successful referral, you stand a chance to earn and benefit financially.

4. Amplify Your Referral Efforts

  • Educate and Share: The more you know about solar, the better you can communicate its benefits. Share articles, host informational sessions, and spread the word online and offline.
  • Use Target Solar’s Reputation to Your Advantage: A trusted name in the industry, the positive reviews and feedback can help build trust among potential referrals.
  • Regular Updates and Engagements: Stay in touch with your network. Share updates about advancements in solar technology or new offers from Target Solar.

5. Turn Recommendations into Rewards

When your referrals see the advantages of solar energy and choose to make the switch with Target Solar, it’s a win-win. They benefit from sustainable energy, and you earn from your successful recommendation.


Harnessing the sun’s energy is transformative in more ways than one. As we move towards a greener future, the power of referrals in promoting solar energy cannot be overlooked. Join hands with Target Solar and play a pivotal role in this energy revolution, all while reaping the benefits of your influential recommendations.

Considering making the leap into solar referrals? Dive into Target Solar’s Referral Program today or reach out to us via our contact page or call us at 1300 776 527 for more details.