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Upgrade your lifestyle with premium home automation solutions!

Make your homes look smarter by installing a home automation system and integrating solar energy. Collaborating with the B1 Hub, Target solar brings you the most luxury home automation solutions that help you to monitor your home appliances. Whether you are at any corner of your house or far away, you will always stay connected! Besides this, the automation system is also designed to track solar power performance and maximize energy savings.

Complete Solar Automation Solutions

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Automate your home with advanced security that's smarter than ever before. Eliminate your electricity bills, by utilizing solar energy for your home appliances. Designed with the Military Grade Encryption platform, our home automation hub helps you stay connected with a battery backup for 24 hours.

Energy Management

Turn your home into a smart home! Improve your household energy control through a home automation hub. Now you can access all your devices and also calculate how much power they are consuming. Take total control of your residence with an advanced security system. Whether it's monitoring or managing all your energy devices and home sensors, you can always stay connected with your home through home automation services.

Entertainment Ease

It's time to upgrade your home with smarter home remote control devices. Empower your everyday interactions with the IR remote-controlled devices that have an on-board Infrared Remote Chip. Now just relax and unwind yourself with our premium home automation devices.

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