As Australia progressively leans towards a sustainable energy trajectory, Target Solar has been steadfast in its commitment to catalyze this transformation. Today, we’re elated to introduce our latest operational branch situated in the heart of Blair Athol, South Australia.

πŸ“ Office Location:
420 main north road, Blair Athol, SA 5084

Why Blair Athol and the Broader Vision for SA
South Australia’s dedication to harnessing renewable energy resources has long been evident. The burgeoning enthusiasm for green energy alternatives, particularly solar, amongst its citizens made Blair Athol the impeccable site for our newest footprint.

Comprehensive Solar Solutions for Every Need
From individual homeowners to expansive businesses, our gamut of offerings ensures that all solar requisites are adeptly addressed:

  • Residential Solar: Illuminate your household with advanced, efficient solar technologies.
  • Commercial Solar Provisions: Obtain custom-fit solutions to meet the unique energy needs of your enterprise.
  • Solar Farm Development: Pondering on a larger scale? We specialize in laying out extensive solar farms.
  • Off-Grid Solar Innovations: Where conventional grids falter, our sun-powered systems prevail.
Solar Powerhouse

Our Pledge to South Australia
Throughout our odyssey in the solar realm, we have facilitated a plethora of commercial and residential solar integrations across Australia. Recognized as an Approved Energy Retailer and an esteemed member of the Clean Energy Council, our allegiance to premium solar solutions remains resolute. We envisage a future where every Australian enjoys uninterrupted, cost-effective electricity, exceptional client services, and a nurtured planet for ensuing generations.

Together, Let’s Ignite South Australia’s Potential!
The sun beckons with boundless energy, ready for capture. With your belief and our proficiency, South Australia’s horizon is set to dazzle.

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