What Is The Right Size Of Solar Power System For You?

Well, one of the big questions that arise -is how to calculate the right size of solar power that can offset your electricity bills, matching the energy requirements. But no need to worry!
Our expert team will get in touch with you, to discuss the options available, and suggest a solar solution that perfectly fits your budget and lifestyle. The best-selling solar panels that are gaining popularity in the residential areas across Australia are 6.6 kW, 10 kW, 13.2 kW.

Understanding Your Energy Consumption

Your energy consumption plays a crucial role in determining the right solar system size for your home. Here’s a simple guide to match your monthly energy consumption with the recommended solar system size:

Current Monthly Energy Consumption (kWh)Recommended Solar System Size (kW)
1801+Contact us for a custom solution

The following table shows different kinds of solar power systems based upon your household size and the appliances they will be able to supply energy to*

Small Household

People living : 2-3 people

Appliances Covered
Standby appliances
Small Aircon
Ideal System Size : 3kW

Big Household

People living : 4+ people

Appliances Covered
Washing Machine
Multiple TVs
Standby appliances
Large Aircon
Clothes Dryer
Pool Pump
Ideal System Size : 6.6kW

Here’s a table that represents different commercial solar system sizes, tailored to the energy consumption levels commonly found in businesses. This can help businesses make an informed decision about the appropriate solar system size for their particular needs.

Current Monthly Energy Consumption (kWh)Recommended Solar System Size (kW)Suitable for
1,800 – 3,60010kWSmall Offices, Retail Stores
3,601 – 7,20025kWMedium Offices, Small Factories
7,201 – 14,40050kWLarge Offices, Warehouses
14,401 – 21,60075kWLarge Factories, Educational Institutions
21,601 – 36,000100kWShopping Malls, Hospitals
36,001 – 72,000150kWLarge Industrial Facilities
72,001+Contact us for a custom solutionIndustrial Complexes, Large-scale Energy Consumers

This table provides a comprehensive overview for various commercial settings and can serve as a starting point in the decision-making process. Businesses should consult with a solar energy expert to fine-tune their choice based on specific factors like location, building orientation, local regulations, and unique energy consumption patterns.

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