Solar Power Inverters

Solar Power Inverters- An Eco-friendly way of sustaining life

An inverter is often been termed the brain of a solar power system because it converts DC obtained from the solar panels to AC which is then used by your home/business appliances and it converts voltage received from solar panels to the desired amount of voltage needed by your every electrical appliance. Furthermore, solar inverters are the ones who export surplus electricity back to your power grid.

You must select the right inverter, looking at your power requirements. Solar Inverters are considered the heart and brain of the solar power system. These inverters are the main controller of energy supply and are responsible for the efficient functioning of the battery. They add fuel to the power and offer a plethora of analytical and diagnostic information regarding the grid stability levels, system issues, and the O&M crew’s identity. These inverters are the epitome of longevity and efficiency, which are anchored by engineering competency and smart technologies.

A solar inverter is a smart device used for the conversion of direct current photovoltaic solar panels into 240V alternating current which could be used by an electricity supplier to operate different appliances. The unused electricity can be fed into electrical grid lines or to the housing storage. For durable solar power systems, you need to have a high-quality inverter with an extensive cooling system in it.

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The solar power inverters have revolutionized the world of solar energy and SmartWare solutions that it has diversified its line of the business undertaking. Some of the high-definition solar inverters are discussed below:

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Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid inverters are the top-rated inverters, which extract maximum energy from the solar panels and enable a seamless solution for its users. These inverters offer an advanced combination of battery and standard string solar inverters. These multi-mode inverters utilize the DC coupling technique in order to transfer the energy from the inter to battery plugins.

Also, these inverters are capable of increasing the self-consumption proportion of electricity, which can reduce up to 70% of the total electricity cost. A hybrid solar inverter has advanced qualities such as 24-hour monitoring surveillance using which the customers can generate battery power reports on their smartphones or laptops.

Standard String Inverters

As the name suggests, these inverters have numerous strings attached to a single inverter which makes them a more reliable source for energy consumption, especially in residential areas. Standard String inverters have more power density in small size, which makes them a common energy source provider in Australia.
Not only this, these inverters functions in a series circuit to ensure an easy supply of electricity without causing any damage to the electrical wirings. These inverters are designed keeping in mind the durability and longevity needs of the consumers. String inverters are cheaper in cost and safer in protection for their users.

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Central Inverter

Central inverters are large metal cabinets that can produce, circulate 500 kW of solar electricity to high production areas like large-scale factories, solar farms, commercial industries, and many more. These inverters might look similar to the grid-connected solar inverters but these inverters are supported by large numerous string panels attached to a combiner box which acts as a hub for all string models.
The Direct Current power supply runs through this central inverter which transforms it into Alternating Current. These inverters have a compact design along with high uptime which increases the amounts of return on investments for the commercial users.


Micro-Inverters are the ultimate solar inverters that can produce higher amounts of electricity. These inverters are usually smaller in size which is around 200-250W, but it is capable of extracting fuller amounts of electrical power from a single panel. Such an efficient inverter is quite popular in Australia as they are cheaper and easier to install. Moreover, in spite of their high-power extraction property, these inverters are also useful in monitoring and tracking the performance of every single panel.

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Off-Grid Inverter

Off-Grid Inverter is an excellent choice for those who reside in remote areas and their solar power system merely relies upon battery usage. These inverters help utilize all the leftover electric power for charging the batteries of the solar power system. These inverters are so powerful that they not only integrate solar power and the batteries but also control the input supply of each electric appliance at your place.
Off-grid solar inverter eliminates all the chances of causing power damages because of the lack of grid panels in it which makes the inverter more durable and responsive to the conversion of DC electricity to AC power supply. Also, these inverters might be a bit expensive as compared to the other categories of inverters, but they exhibit the highest value in functionality.

As now as you have come across all the main kinds of solar inverters, you just have to make the smart choice of deciding which one would be the most suitable choice for your home.

Target Solar has unified the efforts of ecological experts and electronic engineers in order to exhibit an exemplary solution for smart users planning to invest in solar power systems and solar inverters.

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