Hello there! Have you ever wondered what’s buzzing in the world of business and sustainability these days? The answer is shining bright above us – […]

no cost solar system

What is No Cost Solar and How Does It Work? No cost solar, also known as a no upfront cost solar program, is an innovative […]

How to Upgrade Solar System with Battery Storage

As solar power becomes increasingly vital in our quest for sustainable energy, the spotlight turns to battery storage—a key advancement transforming solar systems. This technology […]

how to grow small business: Solar For Business

In recent years, the commercial world has witnessed a remarkable surge in solar installations, a trend driven by a growing awareness of renewable energy’s potential […]

Solar System with Battery Storage

Welcome to the world where sustainability meets innovation. At Target Solar, with over a decade of experience in providing solar solutions, we understand the critical […]

100kW solar system

In recent years, solar energy has taken a prominent place in Australia’s landscape, emerging as a key player in the renewable energy sector. Blessed with […]

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a substantial surge in the adoption of commercial solar power systems across various business landscapes. From sprawling corporate campuses to […]

10kW solar system

Investing in a 10kW solar power system in Australia can be a transformative move towards energy independence and financial savings, though it does require a […]

9kW solar systems typically includes solar panels, an inverter, mounting equipment, and a battery storage system. The battery component allows you to store excess energy for use during non-sunny hours, ensuring a constant energy supply.

In the sunbathed expanses of Perth, Western Australia, a quiet revolution is unfolding. Solar power, once a fringe player in the energy game, has surged […]

Solar Brisbane

In the heart of Australia’s burgeoning energy landscape, a solar renaissance is unfolding—ushering businesses into an era where ecological responsibility aligns with economic prosperity. Harnessing […]