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Commercial financial schemes

Take a step ahead into the world of commercial solar power solutions with our easy hassle-free financing schemes. We are a leading commercial solar financing company. No need to worry about your finances to invest in commercial solar power as well as take a headache from the increasing electricity bills! We at Target Solar have got you covered to fuel up your business needs!

Get out of the myth that large solar projects come with huge expenses. Rather, investing in commercial solar PV installation rewards you with a positive cash flow with zero upfront cost. Collaborating with the best financial institutions we offer you multiple choices to choose from and make the best financial decision that will help you save your electricity bills. We at Target Solar deliver the best financing solution to our clients based on their finances.

Your Investment? A Whopping Zero Dollars!

Introducing our groundbreaking Commercial Solar PPA Providers plan. Elevate your business to the next level with zero upfront cost. That’s right, ZERO! Install your commercial solar system today and watch the savings roll in from day one.

Award-Winning Commercial Solar Installation

Why gamble when you can go with the best? Our commercial solar installations are masterminded by the industry’s best commercial solar installers. We offer custom-tailored solar solutions that seamlessly align with your business needs.

The Extra Perks—Rebates and Beyond

Say hello to lucrative commercial solar rebates and goodbye to sky-high electricity costs. With our elite commercial solar systems, you’re in for double the savings.

commercial solar ppa

Commercial solar project financing option


Operation Lease

Step into the forefront of commercial solar energy in Australia. We’re talking cities wide and far—whether you’re in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Victoria, or Melbourne, we are your trusted commercial solar experts providing unparalleled commercial solar solutions.

What Sets Us Apart? Simplicity and Brilliance, Combined!

Don’t mistake us for just another commercial solar company. We stand tall as your top commercial solar installer, partnering exclusively with certified commercial solar installers to deliver high-efficiency commercial solar panels that make dollars and sense.

We’re Wherever You Are!

Finding yourself Googling commercial solar installation near me? Your search ends here! We’ve got you covered from commercial solar in SA, to commercial solar WA, from Queensland commercial solar, to commercial solar NSW and commercial solar systems Melbourne. Wherever you are, we are.

It’s Not Just About Panels, It’s a Complete Package

From transforming parking spaces with solar parking commercial installations to outfitting commercial buildings with solar panels, our commercial solar services extend far beyond basic energy solutions.

Your Roadmap to a Brighter, Cleaner Tomorrow

  1. Receive Your Free Quote: No gimmicks, no games—just a clear, upfront cost of solar panels for commercial buildings.

  2. Swift Installation: Experience hassle-free commercial solar panel installation through our team of certified professionals.

  3. Watch the Savings Multiply: Dramatically reduce your energy expenses and carbon footprint in one fell swoop.

Eager to take the leap into commercial solar power? Lead the commercial energy transition and chart a path towards a sustainable, prosperous future.

Unlock Tomorrow’s Energy, Today.

Don’t wait! Secure your commercial solar power purchase agreement now and revel in a future teeming with energy efficiency and savings. Reach out to our team for custom solutions in commercial solar power Adelaide, commercial solar power Perth, commercial solar panels Brisbane, and commercial solar panels Melbourne.

Your Business. Our Planet. Your Future.

Still contemplating the solar panels for commercial buildings cost? When it comes to our planet’s future, some things are priceless. Opt for commercial solar panels Victoria or make a choice for commercial solar Western Australia—the choice is yours, but the benefit is everyone’s.

The Time for Your Sustainable Business Revolution is Now!

Ready to be a trailblazer in commercial energy solutions? Contact Us Today!

Embrace the energy that pays back!

Target Solar’s in-house experts serve as your champion to assist you with the negotiation and finalize the best payment or financing solution for your solar and storage projects. We ensure to help you get the most attractive rates with fair contract terms.

“We believe in building long-term relationships”.

The construction phase of the project proceeds, once the financial arrangements have been secured to pay the contractors. Large-scale solar projects rely on finance to enable construction.

Paying by cash

This financing option for any commercial project may be attractive as it gives the full ownership of the business with zero interest and no on-going payments. Paying upfront is simple and easy to understand with no third-party interference. Moreover, in commercial solar a tax depreciation of 5% per annum is achieved for 20 years as per ATO. However, investing into a commercial solar project can be difficult to invest large capital in one core business activity against other business priorities.

Solar PPA and operating lease

With Target Solar now you have the choice to make your decision whether you would like to opt for a Power Purchase Agreement or go for Solar Lease. PPA and operating lease can provide a simplified commercial solar business to provide your organisation economical, green and reliable energy.

Benefits of PPA and operating lease

  • Remove the burden of the ownership of the solar system
  • Saving on electricity bills and the bill remains as operational expense
  • Provides generation guarantees
  • Eliminates risk from spikes in electricity prices
  • Potential of expanding system in future


What is a Solar PPA?

A Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are arrangements in which a business is offered to purchase the electricity generated by a solar panel system in an organisation’s premises. The most important benefit of the PPA is to use/ buy the energy from the installed solar PV system at lower rate without purchasing the whole system. Instead, a PPA provider owns and pay for the installed system. The PPA providers agrees on the fixed price to sell the electricity lower than the grid connected system. The PPA is a non-regulated financing option in the commercial solar industry, thus it is recommended to seek advice to get competitive price.

Benefits and features of PPA are:

  • Contract period of 10- 15 years
  • The system management and maintenance is overseen by us
  • A future certainty on the energy costs
  • Ownership of the system after the contract is finished
  • Monthly energy bills for per unit electricity used
  • Less dependency on grid connected electricity usage
  • The agreed prices of the electricity remain the same over the period of the contract

What is Operating Lease?

The operating lease also an attractive financial option to fund for the commercial solar PV system. The operating leased are designed as a fixed monthly contract repayment for consuming electricity generated by the installed solar power system in your premises. Target Solar is partnered with Multipli and other few financial institutions to help businesses help in financing the large commercial renewable energy projects.

Benefits and features of solar lease are:

  • Monthly energy bills for all the energy delivered
  • Reduces dependency on grid connected electricity
  • Provides system generation guarantee
  • Flexible contract period
  • The system management and maintenance is done by us
  • A better control on future energy costs
  • Ownership of the system after the contract is finished
With easy finance plans and options, Target Solar assist you in choosing one of our finance partners for your solution or you may choose to use your own bank. With quick credit approvals after background check, the process is expedited towards finalizing your solar power system. Target Solar prepares a detailed proposal showing the system design, performance estimate, ROI and positive cash-flow before proceeding any further.

What is the difference between the PPA and operating lease?

The major difference between power purchase agreement and solar operating lease is the duration of the contract and how it is structured financially. In PPA, the monthly payments are based on the per unit energy consumed by the business. However, in solar lease the monthly repayments are fixed, irrespective of how much energy is produced by the solar PV system and consumed by your business. With PPA you don’t own or maintain the system and in operating solar lease you lease to own and maintain the system, there is zero capital layout and each of them has their own benefits. Target Solar provides a free financing consultation for commercial solar systems, to provide business with the best possible solution based on number of factors and business circumstances.

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