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Embrace the bright future of Residential solar!

Switch on to solar energy to fulfill all the power requirements of your home. With an array of approved residential solar panels in Australia, we feel it’s quite a daunting task for the customers to choose and figure out the best quality solar power system for their homes. But no need to worry!. We go beyond and above to render superior grade solar power services matching your home energy requirement and designing the best solutions within your financial capabilities.

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Our Process

The roaring solar power demand in Australia is easy to understand why. Not only is it environment friendly, but also contributes a lot to cost-effectiveness.

Being specialists in solar, and keeping in mind, the efficiency of solar power systems, Target solar makes sure to power your home with a smooth hassle-free solar system installation process.

We, at Target Solar, take care of the end-to-end execution of solar power installation so that you enjoy the direct uninterrupted sunlight. Providing the best expert advisory solutions, our engineers design the most suitable configurations according to your requirement. Keeping up to date with the latest industry trends, we offer premium solar panels with enhanced performance that stand as the most resilient source of energy, withstanding all the natural calamities. Apart from that, we adhere to various quality control procedures, so that you and your loved ones stay safe at your home in case of a natural disaster.

Why choose solar power installations at Home? Will it Payoff?

Embrace the clean, pure energy, harnessing the power of the sun! Switching to solar, not only creates an eco-friendly environment but also helps you to save more on electricity bills.

Rest, you can stay assured that your property is in safe hands with the most experienced solar installers and backed by an industry-leading power performance warranty.

6.6 kw home solar system with battery storage

Size of a Solar Power System

Planning to install a solar panel on your residential rooftop? The most significant factor, you need to consider before installing is the size that matches your energy consumption. The most popular size of the solar power system that perfectly fits an “average house” is between 5kW and 8kW.
The best-selling solar panels that are gaining popularity in the residential areas across Australia are 6.6 kW, 10 kW, 13.2 kW. Energy consumption depends on which place you are living, and currently which month of the year you are experiencing. Now you can save a good portion of your energy bill by installing solar panels of the proper size that generates ample solar energy to power your home.

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