Residential Solar Services

Although the technology behind solar power systems may seem complex and with numerous approved solar-electrical equipment in the Australian market, purchasing a solar system for your home might be a difficult task. We at Target Solar help our customers through this difficult phase by matching their home energy requirements with best solutions within their financial capabilities.

Quality Installation

Our Process

We at Target Solar make sure our customers have a hassle-free solar system installation process. Many installers install solar panels however they please without realizing the efficiency issues a solar power system may have because of incorrect installation of solar panels.

Target Solar makes sure your solar panel get installed on your roof, where there are more chances of having direct uninterrupted sunlight. In most parts of Australia, solar panels should be installed facing North to take full advantage of the sunlight, however if making your solar panels face North is not a viable option, making them face West is the second most desirable alternative.

Target Solar puts all its effort to ensure that your solar panels are able to withstand natural calamities and your entire solar power system have been processed through different quality control procedures to assure safety of yourself, your loved ones and your home in case of a natural disaster

Size of a Solar Power System

Size of a solar system differs from individual to individual depending upon their energy requirements and it is also based on where the individual is located as different places have different amount of sunlight which can impact the performance of your solar power system. More information about right size of a solar power system for your home can be viewed here.

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