Electric Vehicle Charging at Home with Solar

Choose Target Solar for Your Electric Vehicle Charging Needs

Driving an electric vehicle? Make the switch to a greener future with Target Solar’s home and commercial EV charging solutions. Connect with solar energy and ensure a hassle-free charging experience, tailored just for you.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly becoming the future of transportation, with their ability to reduce emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. Charging an electric vehicle at home is the most convenient way to ensure it’s always ready to go. Target Solar is here to help you set up an efficient EV charging system and connect it with solar energy for an eco-friendly experience.

Your Journey to EV Charging

Your Journey to Efficient EV Charging

Choose Your Charger: Identify the right charger for your electric vehicle.
Solar Integration: Assess the potential for integrating with solar energy.
Professional Installation: Our experts will install the charger at your preferred location.
Get Charging: Charge your EV quickly and efficiently.
Support & Maintenance: Count on us for ongoing support and maintenance.
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Home EV Charging

Power up your electric vehicle at the convenience of your home with our fast, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions. We make charging as simple as plugging in your smartphone.

Commercial EV Charging

Offering robust and scalable commercial EV charging solutions. Whether it’s a business park or an apartment building, we’ve got the charging solution for you.

EV Charging & Solar Integration

Integrate with Solar Energy

Maximize efficiency and sustainability by connecting your EV charger with solar energy. We provide seamless integration with existing or new solar systems.

  • Quality & Innovation: Offering the latest technology in EV charging and solar integration.
  • Personalized Solutions: Designed to meet your specific home or business needs.
  • Expert Installation & Support: Professional installation and unmatched ongoing support.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint by integrating with solar energy.
Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions by Target Solar

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Power your journey with Target Solar's home and commercial EV charging. Experience the new age of driving:

  • Latest technology in EV charging.
  • Seamless integration with solar energy.
  • Personalized solutions for your needs.
  • Professional installation & support.
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Choosing the Right EV Charger for Your Home

Step 1: Assess Your Charging Needs

    • Daily Driving Range: Understand your daily driving distance to select a charger that meets your requirements.
    • Vehicle Compatibility: Ensure the charger is compatible with your specific vehicle make and model.
  • Charging Speed: Decide whether you need a fast charger or a standard one, depending on your daily usage.

Step 2: Consider Solar Energy Integration

    • Environmentally Friendly: Connect your EV charger with solar energy to reduce carbon footprints.
    • Energy Independence: Utilize the power of the sun to charge your vehicle, reducing electricity bills.
  • Seamless Integration: Target Solar offers professional assistance to integrate your EV charger with existing or new solar energy systems.

Step 3: Installation and Maintenance

    • Customized Solutions: Target Solar offers tailored solutions to fit your home and vehicle needs.

    • Professional Installation: Target Solar provides expert installation to ensure safety and compliance.
  • Ongoing Support: Benefit from our ongoing maintenance and support to keep your charger running smoothly.


A: With Target Solar’s home EV charger, simply plug in your vehicle like your smartphone. It’s fast, easy, and efficient.

A: Yes, we provide seamless integration with existing solar panels for a complete green solution.

Take the first step towards an eco-friendly future. Target Solar offers everything you need for efficient EV charging at home or commercial spaces, paired with the power of the sun.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Now and let Target Solar power your journey.

A: With Target Solar’s quality installation and products, maintenance is minimal. We also provide ongoing support as needed.