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Give your business a competitive edge through commercial solar installation. It’s time to get rid of the thinking that commercial solar is an expense! Instead, think of it as an investment that will reap rewarding benefits!


We, at Target Solar, stand as one of the leading commercial solar installers working with businesses across Australia, to develop projects and ensure maximum utilization of unused solar energy. Whether the main motto is to power the industrial building, offset current energy usage, or eliminate energy bills, Target solar has the know-how and experience to tailor the best solutions for unique business needs. Stop taking the headache of the installation cost and go solar!. Our team of experts will take care of your energy consumption.

Thinking why choose commercial solar for your business?

Commercial Solar

While thinking of growing a profitable business efficiently, the things that immediately pop up in your mind are inventory control, debt ratio, reduction of the turnover cost. These are some of the issues that revolve deep inside your mind. But if you start thinking out of the box, you may find huge savings and benefits of installing commercial solar panels.

Let’s Take a sneak peek at some of the crucial factors:

$0 Capital Outlay

Power your business with commercial solar installations at zero upfront cost.

Positive Cash flow

Now enjoy more positive cash flow than your system installation cost!

Government Rebates

Keeping this in mind, the Australian government has come up with various financial schemes to help commercial business owners manage their financial expenses on installation. Now they can enjoy rebates up to 40% and help their businesses go solar.

Eliminate the electricity bills

Installing rooftop commercial solar panels eliminates electricity bills and offers cost savings. Now you can grow your business efficiently with huge savings.

High Return on Investment

Nowadays, the thinking of commercial business owners has changed because of the highest return on investment they get after installing solar panels! Yes, you heard it right! It costs very little to maintain, and once installed, it can last up to many years. You can enjoy secure investment with lower installation costs, reduction of the energy costs, and a net 20% to 40% ROI.

Increase the Value of Your Property

Adding a solar power system increases the value of your property which comes with its long-term benefits.

Target Solar's Vantage

Commercial Solar

Embark on a journey with target solar! Target Solar expertise in advising businesses all around Australia to develop renewable energy projects that employ the vast potential of unexploited solar energy across the continent. We at target solar emphasize meeting business goals by providing our clients with the best solar energy solutions, ensuring the outcome meets high-quality industry standards. The commercial solar energy division of Target solar covers procurement and installations for rooftops of schools, medical facilities, businesses, and community centers across Australia.

Our team works with businesses to develop a commercial solar panel-based power systems that reflect their energy usage and finance. We focus on examining a client’s energy profiles to offset their energy usage and reduce electricity bills or invest in large-scale solar farms. As evidenced by our many customers, we offer cutting-edge solutions with a specified budget and high-quality system specifications. We offer three financing options to our clients – outright purchase, solar leasing, and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).


  • $0 Capital Layout: With $0 upfront finance plans, you can rent a system and buy it off at the end of the term.
  • Positive Cash flow: Pay off the system in positive cash flow within no time
  • Government Rebates: Australian Government is offering up to 40% upfront rebates for businesses willing to switch to solar energy systems.
  • Save money on electricity bills: Electricity is one of the biggest overheads for an operating business. Less power from the grid will help in reducing your energy bill immediately.
  • High return on investment: Investing in solar energy will help you achieve 20% to 40% ROI. This highly depends on the amount of sunlight which is almost for 12 hours a day!
  • Increases the property value: A solar power system increases the value of the homeowner’s property which comes with long-term benefits and highly rewarded investment.
  • Environmental benefits: Reduces carbon footprints and improving quality of life by generating clean and green energy.
  • First you sign up with Target Solar for your commercial solar system.
  • Our qualified Electrical and Structural engineers then perform a site inspection to evaluate the roof and assess the electrical status to determine a suitable solar system for installation.
  • We tailor the design of the system to meet your organisations unique needs and recommend systems that provide top most effectiveness. Depending on the finance option (Power Purchase Agreement or Operating Lease) a finance approval request is made or a deposit is made in case of the cash outright option.
  • Once we receive a connection offer application, our procurement team acquires the product and starts the installation process.
    We request your energy provider to upgrade your meter that is compatible to your new solar system and make sure that your new meter is installed as well.
  • An owner’s manual is released after the payment process is concluded.
  • We finally ask you to provide a testimonial on our services.

Target Solar has successfully proven its capability in offering technical services and business solution for commercial solar power plants. We manage all aspects of engineering, procurement, installation, testing & commissioning of Solar PV System and work with our clients to ensure we understand their needs and design innovative solutions whilst ensuring compliance with Australian standards.

Reasons to partner with Target Solar for commercial solar energy solutions.

  • We provide services that offers No-obligation and free case analysis for commercial solar energy system by analysing client’s finance and electricity bills. This practice allows us to estimate and recommend the required solar system sizing.
  • The technical team at Target solar persistently perform product research to provide superior and long-term value for money products to the customers. In a commercial solar PV system, it is very vital to make a good quality selection of the solar panels and the solar inverter.
  • We are highly experienced in varied kind of installations from simple to complex, from 10 kW – 500 kW in various industries.
  • Target Solar has experienced in-house consultants from various fields such as engineering, architecture, business and finance, renewable energy and law. We hold electrical contractor’s license which allow us to perform solar related electrical work across the Australia. We have qualified and licensed electrician performing installation works for Solar PV system.
  • We advocate high quality support even after the installation is completed, we provide information and educate clients about every aspect of a solar system, from the selection criteria to installation and finally post installation maintenance.

Our Customer Reviews

Our Reviews

  • The whole team at Target Solar were and have been extremely helpful, friendly, courteous and professional. All questions were answered in a very timely manner. The install team cleaned up after themselves and once again they were all friendly, courteous and professional. I now look forward to many years of clean energy, and fingers crossed, no power bills 🙂
    Target Solar Testimonial & reviews in South Australia

    Stephen Appledore

  • We recently used Target Solar for our home. The entire process was very smooth. The sales team was great as they explained us the process so it was easy to understand. The installation manager a nice guy and the installation was carried out without any hassle. The guys working on-site we’re very experienced and very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend Target Solar to anyone who wants to save on their electricity bills
    Target solar satiesfied customer

    Saima Jessani

  • I am very happy with the 7.5kw solar system Sarav and his team installed in 2018. It’s been two years and no problems. They were prompt and professional. Workmanship was clean and tidy and there price was very competitive. I would have no hesitations recommending Target Solar to anyone.
    Target solar Happy customer

    Fearghal Mc Ternan

  • I got a 6.6kw system installed with a Fronius inverter. The quote process was very smooth and I could discuss very well to customize the quote to my needs. Target solar even accommodated a switchboard upgrade in the package for a good price. Trevor was really proficient in his work for installation. My system is working great. I am happy to say that I am a satisfied customer.

    Target Solar Testimonial & reviews in Queensland

    Vivek Raj Shrestha

  • Sales and Quoting process was really quick . Installer who had attend was performing everything on time , quick and tidy. Overall happy with Solar system operations and productions . I wish all the best to Target Solar Team & Mr Sarav for exceptional customer services . Strongly recommend them for cost efficient solar system design and installation .
    Target Solar Testimonial & reviews in Victoria

    Priyank Dhadhal

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